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Choosing The Right Game

Growing your Twitch channel involves more than just playing a game for your viewers. It entails providing support to other creators, networking with other streamers, playing games you enjoy, as well as, playing games that have a good following, However, you should be careful in choosing games that have not that have not oversaturated the current Twitch directory. 

With the recent spike in the number of live Twitch streamers due to COVID-19, it has become harder for new content creators to thrive on the platform. The key to success is finding the right game, finding your personal niche, and marketing it to the fullest.

Finding the right game to play takes a lot of time, finesse, and research. Search through your favorite games via the Twitch directory. Filter and determine how many viewers each game currently has. If the first fifteen streamers has  three hundred plus viewers it might not be the right game for you to try at this time slot. If you are a person whose brand is built around “raging”, do not constantly stream casual games; play something more action oriented like a shooter. Find a game that has less than five hundred viewers and one hundred thousand followers.

If you are primarily trying to grow on a game such as Call of Duty, you can do it but unless you are the next NickMercs, you are not going to grow unless you already have a following on other social platforms. Try playing a game like The Division 2 or Destiny to really boost your potential. Choosing the right game is the make or break of your channel and who you attract. If you primarily play shooter games do not switch it up to something casual because your followers most likely will not watch anything but a shooter game. 

There are a lot of resources you can use to find which game you should be playing. There are multiple websites out there you can find with a simple google search that will tell you the top games and times to play each game. Keep in mind, that the times you stream have an impact on the type of viewers and followers you gain as well. If you stream in the early morning in the United States or late at night, you may attract more overseas viewers. When you are looking into new potential games, watch some of the top streamers for those games. Do not steal their ideas and content, but, take note of what you can do to make your stream more entertaining and enjoyable to the viewer. If they do not have good overlays and scenes, hire a professional designer to redo your stream overlay and get that edge over the rest. 

I hope after reading this small article it really helps you understand how Twitch works and which game is best at the time you’re scheduled to stream. Start doing the research now and choose five games you feel will fit your persona and following. Make a list of the pros and cons you find with each game. Once you are confident with your choices, Stream one game each week and take notes as well as writing daily statistics. After the end of the trial runs, get an average for each game and choose the one with the highest average as long as you enjoyed it. Let’s go, Let’s Grow, and Happy streaming to all! #EvilWolfPack